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Ecommerce is growing at a fast pace, and it contributed $5.2 trillion to the world economy in 2021. Consumers love shopping online as it is convenient and cost-effective, and this shift has led to a major shift towards click-and-mortar businesses globally.


Your ecommerce website design is the first thing that visitors see and the way it is designed has a significant impact on user experience, sales, brand credibility, and ease of use. A well-designed ecommerce website will outperform a mediocre ecommerce site on any given day.


People don’t just buy products online, they buy experience. And UX is embedded in the design of your online store.

There are multiple types of ecommerce businesses:

B2C: Business-to-consumer

These ecommerce websites sell sell products and services directly to the end user

B2B: Business-to-business

These ecommerce websites sell sell products and services to other businesses

C2C: Consumer-to-consumer

These ecommerce marketplaces let consumers sell to other consumers, such as eBay

*You can sell physical goods, digital products, and services through an ecommerce website to your ideal customers. It doesn’t matter what ecommerce business model you have, you must have a well-designed site to keep visitors hooked.

Ecommerce Website Design vs Traditional Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

The design of an ecommerce website is quite different from any traditional website design due to a difference in the business model. An ecommerce website works differently than a traditional website. An ecommerce website processes orders and collects payments whereas traditional websites don’t do this.

The product database, cart, checkout process, account registration, payment processing, order management and tracking, and high security are a few features that are embedded within the design of an ecommerce site. Miss any, and you won’t have a functional online store.
Here is an example of an ecommerce website sitemap:

These functions are embedded in the design of an online store so visitors can easily move around and shop for products.

Traditional Website Design

A traditional website design doesn’t have any of these functions so its design is usually simple and straightforward. Think of a blog. It doesn’t need a product database, payment processor, order management, and several other features and functions.

A simple one-page website design will work great for a blog. You can see it doesn’t have a product database, cart, and account. This means less designing and easy management.
Here is a general layout of a website design:

The functions on your website influence user experience and therefore, impact website design. When you have to sell a product online through your website without any human interaction, your site’s design must do the selling. This is what makes ecommerce website design important and different from other web designs.


Our Ecommerce Design Process

We follow a step-by-step process for ecommerce website design:

Step 1

Requirement finalization with the client. Our project manager and design team will get in touch with you to finalize your ecommerce website design requirements, objectives, and initial goals

Step 2

We will create a detailed proposal based on the requirements. It includes the end-to-end procedures, timelines, costs, and everything you need to know about the entire design process

Step 3

Tweak and finalize the proposal once you have made the necessary changes

Step 4

Sitemap and wireframe creation

Step 5

Testing and tweaking the wireframe

Step 6

The designing process initiates and the final design is tested before it is shared with you

Step 7

Content creation, migration, redirects, and management of all types of technical work and processes

Step 8

Launch your new ecommerce site

Step 9

Maintenance, customer support, and fixing bugs and issues.

We keep you in the loop throughout the process and share reports, charts, and weekly updates so you know what we are doing and what to expect.

Don’t forget about visitors and optimization. We are experts in driving organic traffic with ecommerce SEO, and managing paid traffic with ecommerce PPC, and in order to maximize the value of all those website visitors you should consider ecommerce website optimization as well.


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