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More and more customers are going for the convenience of online shopping. With the online consumer market projected to keep growing in the coming years, any brand and business should take advantage of online marketing and social media if they want to keep up with the trend.

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Solutions We Offer

For the online marketing tasks, our virtual assistant has the skills to make your social channels work for you and help you gain more sales and traffic from social media. An active social media presence is an absolutely essential component of the business growth

Social Media Post

Want to get more sales and leads? Boost online presence with our social media posting.

Brand Awareness

On social media, brand awareness is the key. If you want to keep up with the trend and get traffic to your website.

Trending Hash-Tags

Use the hashtags that are trending right now. Our team finds hashtags that are popular and trending.

Content Creation

Our team can create content and social media images based on your logo & website URL.

Social Media Management & Marketing

You’re probably aware of how businesses have been using social media and online channels to promote products, services, and brands. Marketing is a field that is ever-evolving, especially now that most consumers live in a digital world. Marketing today goes far beyond paying for a billboard or a TV spot—and waiting for results. With accessibility to advertising and social media platforms and measuring tools, you can launch more targeted and measurable marketing campaigns online.

Reaching a wider audience remains at the core of any marketing campaign. Marketing today is more intuitive and you can launch campaigns across different channels in response to different stages of the customer buying journey. All marketing decisions are now based on a much larger volume of customer data, which can be gathered, analyzed, and used by a digital marketing expert.

Social Media Management Services

A skilled and experienced social media marketing VA will customize a marketing and social media strategy that fits your business needs. They will be familiar with tools for analyzing data, monitoring customer engagement, and building up your social media presence. Your VA will make sure all your online profiles are in place—starting from your website and social media profiles, to search engine rankings and your Google business page.

Dedicated Social Media VA

Cosum Digital will assign a dedicated virtual assistant to handle your social media accounts. For affordable social media VA packages starting at $249, you can get started on building campaigns with someone who knows their way around social media marketing platforms and tools.

Page Creation and Design

We help businesses of any size create an online presence, starting with creating and building your profile on relevant social media platforms. You can rely on a Cosum DIgital VA to prepare your cover photo, profile image, bio, and other important details to build your credibility online.

Social Media Posting Schedule

Post articles, videos, and images that your customers can relate to. An expert social media marketing VA will help you frame and deliver your brand message in a way that interests, educates, and engages your customers. Have an expert be responsible for preparing your social media calendars in advance and customizing your messages according to your brand.

Analytics and Reporting

Measure the success of your social media campaigns and keep improving your results. Our social media marketing VAs are knowledgeable with analytics and tracking tools for social media performance monitoring and reporting.

Cross-Platform Marketing

You can develop and manage unified campaigns for various relevant platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Targeted Campaign Management

We develop and implement social media campaigns that deliver results. Our social media management VAs have an impressive track record for initiating successful and disruptive campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Benefits

Marketing isn’t only important for a business—it’s become absolutely essential. There will be a total projected number of 300 million online shoppers by 2023 in the United States alone. Data also showed that 43% of global shoppers research products on social media before they make a purchase.

Gain new customers and leads for your business. You may already be posting on your social media page—and that’s a good thing. But to leverage social media to the fullest, your efforts should be unified under a long-term, well-thought-out strategy, with specific goals and benchmarks.

Build your brand and gain your customer’s trust.

Your social media activity can have an impact on how customers perceive you. Social media allow you to show transparency, professionalism, and personality that would make it easier for online users to know who you are and feel that they can trust you.

Drive more traffic and get more sales.

The followers you gain on social media become potential leads. As your following grows, you can increase visits to your website and be able to boost your sales and brand value.

Customized Social Media Services

Whether you run a traditional brick-and-mortar store, a budding tech startup, or simply starting out as an online seller, social media marketing gives you the advantage of reaching more customers and getting ahead of your competition. Building a solid online presence and a brand that people trust and recommend should be your primary marketing goal.    

Social media marketing involves customized strategies, tools, tactics, and expertise. Before the internet became the place where everyone goes to search for the things they need, businesses reached customers through traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Now, you’re given more far-reaching and low-cost marketing opportunities in the form of social media.


Affordable Search Engine Optimization Monthly Pricing

We set up separate SEO pricing packages so that you can pick the most suitable one for your business. Check the pricing, and we believe that these are the most cost-effective SEO solutions you can opt for.



$249 /Per Mo



$449/Per Mo



$649/Per Mo


Checkout our FAQ About Social Media Marketing

A VA for marketing is an assistant who knows how to employ online marketing tools and use online channels to promote your brand to a wider audience. They may know how to design and execute an online marketing strategy starting from assessment and campaign planning, to content generation, social media management, search engine optimization, and analytics.

Yes. Posting on social media or making a website may seem like an easy enough job. But marketing is much more than that and these tasks could take much time and brainpower that a business owner or founder may not be able to afford, if you want to focus on your core responsibilities.

Depending on their level of experience, a marketing VA may take charge of building and optimizing your website and social media profiles, email marketing, launching a search engine optimization campaign, and creating graphics, copy, product descriptions, press releases, infographics, banners, and other forms of content that is consistent with your brand message. Marketing VAs may also handle measuring and reporting on your marketing ROI.

A VA with educational background in marketing and advertising would offer an advantage. However, some don’t necessarily have education in marketing but have specialized for years in specific marketing tasks such as graphic design, SEO, and copywriting. A marketing and social media VA must know how to do basic keyword research and optimization and familiarization about different marketing tools.

Yes. Virtual assistants work offshore. You can hire one work for you on your preferred schedule or period and you pay only for actual work done. You manage a VA exclusively online, which is why it’s essential to set clear responsibilities, timelines, and expectations.

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