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Hire a virtual assistant to create animated videos for you. Boost your brand marketing efforts in ways you’ve never before imagined. Make your product and sales presentations, your website, and your social media feeds more attractive by adding animation videos in the mix.

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Solutions We Offer

We provide an end-to-end solution for real-time voice and text interaction animation videos. We can personalize the videos with excellent animation effects. We are self-motivated virtual assistant excellent animation video creator.

Animated Explainers

We can create whiteboard & animated explainers videos.

Logo Animation

Hire Cosum Digital for the best freelance logo animation design.

App & Website Previews

Show a preview video of your app or website with engaging screenshots.

Short Video Ads

Our team can make you amazing short video ads for social media advertising.

Businesses are constantly competing for the attention of the consumer. Brands have to think up of new and creative ways to attract attention and engage their target audiences. If the popularity of YouTube personalities tells us anything, it’s that online users readily consume video content that they find relatable, entertaining, and interesting. Brands have jumped in on this trend with their own channels and online platforms have made it easier for people to access and share long-form video content.

Video production may be a bit expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, small business owners have the power to leverage video content marketing simply by hiring a virtual marketing assistant to create animation videos. You don’t need to rent video equipment, pay for a crew, hire models, or shoot on location. Animation videos can do the job of promoting your brand message and engaging your audience just as much—sometimes even better—than live videos.

What are Animation Videos?

The animation is the process of photographing a series of drawings, photos, or 3D models to create an illusion of movement. Animation videos are powerful storytelling tools that can be used to convey a message, introduce a product or a brand, engage an audience, or even entertain. Animation videos can either be traditional, vector-based (2D), 3D, motion graphics, or stop motion. An animator or motion graphic artist typically uses special software to produce animation videos.

Animation videos are effective marketing or instructional tools that you can add to your website, upload to your social media channels, and use to enhance your business presentations. They take time and require careful planning to create, but logistically, animated videos are relatively cheaper, faster, and easier to produce as compared to making actual video footages, which often require location shoots, camera and editing equipment, and a full crew. If used effectively, animation videos can do wonders in promoting your brand and growing your business.

Importance of Animation Videos

Animation videos can be a valuable asset to your marketing arsenal. They require a kind of investment and commitment that not many businesses may be willing to afford. However, with the availability of affordable talent and video animation tools, more and more brands are taking advantage of the potential to reach a wider audience and fortify their online marketing strategy. Animated videos are simply a more impactful, cost-efficient way to send your marketing message across.

About 93% of marketers say they gained a new customer when they posted a video on social media. Video content easily sets you apart from the competition and allows you to engage more actively with users. When searching for information about a product, today’s average consumer would rather watch a video than read long blocks of text. With the information relayed clearly and creatively through animated videos, it’s easier to connect with customers, impress clients, and showcase your brand personality. Animated videos are also great for search engine optimization and brand development.

Online users are constantly searching for new, interesting content. Shoppers want to know everything about a product because they want to make informed choices. Animated videos are a great way to attract and convert customers. Creating videos can be time-consuming and they require skill, creativity, and the use of software tools. With professional help from a remote assistant who specializes in video animation, you can give your target audience exactly what they’re looking for, at minimal expenses. Animation Videos Support

If you’d like to capitalize on the marketing benefits of animated videos, you won’t find it hard to find talent to execute your vision. can help you find a motion graphic artist or video animator who can create creative and compelling animated videos to tell your stories. Whether you need promotional videos, tutorial videos, product infomercials, or video presentations, our virtual assistants have the skills and tools to deliver exactly what you need.

Virtual assistants for video animation and editing can create a series of videos for posting on your website, all your social media channels, and for other promotional purposes. They have relevant experience using tools and software to create graphics, text overlays, banners, and animated visuals. Consult with to hire a video animator that can bring your marketing ideas into life.


Investing In Animation Video Brings About More Benefits Than You Could Expect!

It’s just a few seconds to decide whether a potential customer stays on your website or bounces to your competitor’s. If this is your concern, animated videos can help.

Animated video can replace a wall-of-text piece of information.

Internet users find it easier to “digest” explainer videos.

Placing videos on your landing page keeps customers staying longer.

Online videos play an essential role in the buying decision of the end-users.

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Plans And Pricing

Cost-Effective Storytelling Solution With YesAssistant’s Animation Video Packages

We create different affordable pricing plans for all of our customers to select easily. Let’s take a look at each package feature and opt for the most suitable one as you wish.



$ 199


$ 399


$ 799

Animation Duration (Up To)
25 sec.
35 sec.
60 sec.
Scriptwriting Process
Audio/Voice-Over Recording and Import
HD 1080p Render Resolution
Animation Video Quality
Source Files Included
Global Usage Rights
Use on Multiple Devices
Hands-on Session with Our Creative Director

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Expertizing in Different Video Production Tools Allows Us to Create A Wide Range of Animated Videos.


Checkout our FAQ About Animation Videos

There’s no limit to creativity. Company presentations, promotional offers, brand stories, commercials, informative content, and product launches can all be made more appealing using animation videos.

You can condense and present large amounts of crucial information into video content that presents your message in a creative, straightforward, and concise manner. It’s easier for consumers to retain information about your brand and for you to build credibility and gain their trust. Animation videos can be a powerful marketing tool to help increase conversions.

The process of making animation videos is a tedious and repetitive one. Every frame in an animated video is made precisely and meticulously. This is why the planning stage is extremely important. All guidelines and requirements must be made clear before any animation work begins, because making revisions in the middle of the actual process isn’t as simple as editing a Word document.

The process starts with a creative brief, which is something you have to prepare for every video you need your virtual assistant to make. The detailed creative brief will serve as your VAs guide throughout the video creation process. A script is also an important reference for a video animator. Depending on the complexity of the video, your VA may also have to do storyboard making, voiceover recording, and visual styling before the animation process starts.

Aside from looking at their qualifications, ask candidates for samples of video animation work they have done in the past. Looking at portfolios gives you a better idea about an artist’s animation styles and capabilities, making it easier for you to pick someone who’s style and skill matches your brand vision.

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